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After the Operation ‘Cast Lead’ led by Israel in the Gaza Strip starting 27th December 2008, Première Urgence wishes to help the crisis affected population by distributing non food items and by helping medical structures (distribution of medical consumables).

Further information:
The Palestinian Background (Gaza Strip)

Mission start: 12 January 2009
National staff: 30 people
Expatriate staff: 3 people
Annual budget: €140,000
Financial partners : Cellule de Crise du Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et Européennes

Operations established in Gaza Strip

Distribution of food and non-food items.          

The humanitarian situation in Gaza Strip

The Gaza Strip is on the brink of collapse after being considerably weakened after 18 months of blockade* and 22 days of war.

Despite the entry of humanitarian convoys, the living conditions of the population remain a major concern. Unexploded bombs pose a danger to the civilians, some Gaza Strip inhabitants have already been amputated. Food distributions are highly controlled by the Israeli authorities who still limit the entry of humanitarian convoys**.The majority of the population lives without electricity and running water. The damages are enormous. Many houses have no more windowpanes. Crowded hospitals’ have to work with generators and low level of petrol; this makes people in danger even in the sanitary structures.

Photo Ibraheem Abu Mustafa - Reuters

The 22 days of war have caused the displacement of 50 000 people in the Gaza Strip, not seen since 1967 **. The Palestinian civilian population has paid a lot the attacks: 1,300 dead and over 5000 injured, in both cases, half are women and children.

* OCHA report of 8 January 2009.

** UNRWA press conference on 23 January 2009.

Première Urgence’s strategy in Gaza Strip

Première Urgence is present in the West Bank since 2002. Première Urgence steps in West Bank in Qalqiliya and Salfit area; both are heavily affected by the Separation Wall and the development of Israeli Colonies.

Since the beginning of Israeli strikes, Première Urgence decided to intervene in Gaza Strip by setting up an emergency program through :

- Distribution of essential goods for the displaced populations
- Support to health facilities through the distribution of medical consumables.

In January 2009, Première Urgence opens an operational base in Gaza Strip to establish these programs and help the Palestinian population.

According to the needs identified by the evaluations conducted by our teams in Gaza Strip, Première Urgence intends to intervene in areas where our organization has a recognized expertise and competence.

- Implementation of food distribution program (fresh food) for the displaced populations or affected populations
- Agricultural Recovery through the rehabilitation of land damaged by the Israeli and distribution of agricultural supplies
- Establishment of program to improve access to drinking water
- Activities generating income: in particular through economic distribution of professional items to Palestinian populations having lost their working tools and the establishment of community with high labour intensity
- Rehabilitation of houses damaged by the conflict

Première Urgence’s programmes in Gaza Strip

Distribution of non alimentary goods:
The action settled covers a big part of the non food first necessity needs and the basic furniture to medical structures and hospitals in Gaza.

1,785 displaced live in temporary shelters provided by UNRWA do have hygiene kits to cover minimum hygiene standard (shampoo distribution, toothpaste, sanitary napkins, toothbrush, sponges, etc.)

1,000 victims do receive appropriate treatment in hospitals in Gaza thanks to medical consumables’ kits (cotton, bandage, chirurgical gloves, cannula, catheter, drainage material, antiseptic, radiographic material, etc.).  

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